Apple Watch series 6/7 hidden features, tips & tricks!

Apple WatchOS 7 comes with exciting features to enhance your Apple Watch experience. From advanced fitness tracking to sleep monitoring Apple watch series arrives with many hidden features. Therefore, MyMac computer choose to inform you about those amazing features given below:

1. Activate & deactivate the Hand washing option:

One of the main Apple WatchOS 7 series hidden features is that they have included a function that detects when you are washing your hands. And that sets a timer for you to do it during the time recommended by the WHO. Similarly, you will be able to activate or deactivate hand-washing depending on whether you see it useful or prefer to save a small battery spike. On Apple Watch, press on the wheel and then hit the Settings app. Within the settings, now click on the Hand-washing option. In here, you will have a lever to activate or deactivate it. Remember that you can also make these settings from your iPhone.

2. Set The Sleep Mode:

Another Apple watch series hidden features of the new version of the operating system is its Sleep mode, which monitors your rest when you fall asleep with the clock on, and then tells you how well you slept. The configuration process in this mode can be done from the watch, looking for the Sleep option in the settings. During this configuration, you will be able to activate reminders so that the clock warns you that you must put it to charge one hour before going to bed.

3. Clear All Notifications:

Until previous versions of WatchOS, to erase all notifications you had to hold your finger on them to find the option. Now, this is much simpler, since above the notifications you will see a Delete all button that serves precisely for that. If you want, you can also slide them one by one to find the option to delete them individually.
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