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iMac generation Computer repair Campbelltown

Our story

When the Macintosh® was introduced in 1984, it ignited a revolution that brought the power of technology to the individual. The iPhone® and iPad® have put that power in your hands. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_(computer).

MyMac Computer is the first All-In-One Mac Repair Centre in Campbelltown that provides Repairs for Apple AirPods, Apple Cinema Display, iMac, iMac Pro, iPads, iPhones, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and Mac Studio, providing repair warranty up to 3 months.


An Apple Enthusiast founded MyMac computer with the aim of revolutionizing the Repair Industry in Australia, providing Quality and Affordable Apple Repairs to Campbelltown. We have been serving Apple Users since 2013. Many people always assume that Apple Repair prices will be excessively high. However, we firmly believe in widely accepting and making Apple Repair prices affordable, rather than overcharging. Therefore, we constantly strive to strike a balance by providing certified and discounted replacement parts to the Apple Community in Campbelltown. Additionally, we continually invest in ourselves to streamline the repair process, ensuring affordability and maintaining the quality of our work.


Moreover, we actively advocate for a circular economy by exclusively repairing and replacing defective parts in your Apple Device. We actively practice a Go-Paperless and environmentally friendly method of disposing of any e-Waste to assist in rescuing the environment and fulfilling our role in preserving mother nature for the next generation.

Best reason to choose us for Apple repair

Minimum cost Diagnosis

Just pay minimum cost to know that your device has a problem.

We perform diagnosis and spend appointed time for you with very low cost! 

Fast Repair Time

Fast MacBook and iMac parts replacement (i.e. MacBook Battery, MacBook Trackpad, MacBook Hard Drive, iMac Hard Drive, etc..) done Face To Face.

Certified Technicians

All are our in-house, skilled and well trained apple certified technicians will handle your Mac. Don't worry about your Machine going into a third pair of hands. (Tips : Sometimes they can tell you what is the problem thru the phone/chat)

No Fix No Pay

Unfortunate events may happen as we can't predict electronic's life.If we can't repair the device, we don't charge you the repair fee.

Insurance Claims

Some of your devices have insurance coverage on the repair in the event anything that happens. In order for the repair to be paid by the insurance company, we will be able to offer a technical report / assessment report for you to submit to the insurance company for claims.

about us

Quality Workmanship
Warranty Repair
Low Turnover time
Affordable Rate


Customers’ experience is always our top priority while maintaining our quality workmanship with quality parts. Each of your repair will be guaranteed with a 3 months to 3 years warranty depending on the product.